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Vladimir I. Gurevich was born in Kharkov, Ukraine, in 1956. 

He received an M.S.E.E. degree (1978) at the Kharkov National Technical University, Electrical Engineering Department (Presently Institute of Power Engineering and Computer Technology) and a Ph.D. degree (1986) at National Technical University "Kharkov Polytechnic Institute". 

His employment experience includes: lecturer, assistant professor and associate professor at Kharkov National Technical and Agricultural University (electrical engineering disciplines); head of research laboratory in the same university; chief engineer and director of Inventor, Ltd (Kharkov, Ukraine). Personally developed and supervised R & D of electrical and electronic devices for military applications, such as: 

- the ground equipment of anti-aircraft missile system S-300 (NIEMI , Moscow);
- special high-power equipment on effect of superconductivity for demagnetization of nuclear submarines (Central Research Institute for Ship Electrotechnics and Techlologies, S.-Petersburg); 
- the device of protection of traveling-wave tube of the powerful ship transmitter (Scientific Research Institute of Radio, Miscow);
- electric power supply of unattened amplifying stations in a special communication systems with increased survivability (Scientific Research Institute "Soliton", Ufa);
- system of power supplies of modulator cabinets of powerful ground radar for early detection of air defence (Pravdinsk Radio Plant);
- radio-technical complex "Shmel" for Airborne Early Warning and Control System (AWACS) A-50 type,  NATO reporting name "Mainstay" (VNIIRT, Moscow);
- HV insulation tester for onboard multicore cables during manufacture process of rockets (Scientific Research institute for Technology of Mechanical Engineering, Perm);
-powerful electro-physical installations of special purpose (D.V. Efremov Scientific Research Institute of Electrophysical Apparatus, S.-Petersburg);

and also
developed and organized production of many kinds of automatic devices and systems for industrial and power applications.

Vladimir I. Gurevich is the founder of a new kind of HV Insulating Interfaces

Military service specialization: crew commander of tactical ballistic missile system.

In 1994, he arrived in Israel and works from 1998 as Managing director of Elprocom Ltd company and today at Israel Electric Corp. as a Senior-Specialist and Head of the section of the Central Electric Laboratory. 

In 2006 he was appointed as Honorary Professor with the Kharkov National Technical  University

International Editorial Board member of scientific and technical journals:
Електротехніка і Електромеханіка (Elektrotehněka ě   Elektromehaněka)
International Journal of Research Studies in Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Journal of  Electrical and  Electronic  Engineering
Power Engineering and Computer Intergated Technologies in AIC
International Journal of Research and Innovation in Applied Science

Expert of Technical Committee SC77C (High Power Transient Phenomena) with International Electrotechnical Commission - IEC (Standardization for protection civilian equipment, systems and installations from High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse - HEMP at nuclear detonation and from sources of Intentional Electromagnetic Interferences - IEMI).

Full Member of CIGRE WG C4.54 (Protection of high voltage power network control electronics from the High-altitude Electromagnetic Pulse - HEMP)

Member of  International Association of Engineers (IAENG)

SCOPUS Author ID: 7102090104

ORCID Author ID: 0000-0001-9306-1299

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