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 Vladimir Gurevich "High-Voltage Automatic Devices with Reed Switches". –  Haifa, 2000, 368 p. (Rus.).

 Book is kept in VINITI, Informelectro, GPNTB, Library of the Russian  Academy of Science, Rissian State Library, National Library of Sweden,  British Library, Chech State Techn. Library, Bulgarian State Tech. Library,  and also in  Library of Congress  and  Harvard University Library

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 Preface and contents  (Rus)   Specialist's comments  (Rus)

 Vladimir Gurevich  "Protection Devices and Systems for High-Voltage  Applications". – Marcel Dekker, New York, 2003, 292 p. (Engl.).

 Book is kept in Library of Congress,   British Library
 CERN Document Server, National Research Counsil Canada

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 Review:  1

 Vladimir Gurevich  "Electric Relays: Principles and Applications". – CRC Press  (Taylor & Francis Group), Boca Raton – New York – London, 2005, 704 p.  (Engl.).

 Book is kept in
 Library of Congress , British Library,  German National  Library of Science and Technology
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 Reviews: 1,  2,  3,  4, 5 (Engl), 6, 7 (Rus) Reader's Comments Short Books Description 

 Vladimir Gurevich  "Electronic Devices on Discrete Components for Industrial  and Power Engineering".– CRC Press (Taylor & Francis Group), Boca Raton –  New York – London, 2008, 420 p. (Engl.).

 Book is kept in Library of Congress
, British Library,  National Research Counsil  Canada,    CERN Document Server
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 Reviews: 1,   2,  3               Contents + Preface (pdf)

  Vladimir Gurevich "Digital Protective Relays: Problems and Solutions". - CRC  Press  (Taylor & Francis Group), Boca Raton – New York – London, 2010, 404p.  (Engl.).

 Book is kept in Library of Congress, German National Library of Science and  Technology    British Library

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 Contents + Preface (pdf)

 Review (pdf)

  Vladimir Gurevich "Electric Relays. Construstions, Principles and  Applications. Desk Book for Engineers" - Solon-Press, Moskow, 2011, 688  p. (Rus.).

 Contents (pdf)  (Rus.)    Flyer (pdf(Rus.)
 Specialist's Review (pdf)  (Rus.)

 Vladimir Gurevich "Microprocessor-based Protection Relays.  Construction, Problems, Perspectivies" - Infra-Engineering,  
 Moskow, 2011,  336 p.

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 Contents (.pdf) (Rus.)                       Flyer (Rus.)
 Introduction (.pdf)  (Rus.)
Specialist's Review  (Rus.)

 Vladimir Gurevich "Power Supply Devices  of Relay Protection.  Problems and Solutions" - Infra-Engineering,  Moskow, 2012,  288 p.  (Rus.).
 Contents (.pdf) (Rus.)     Introduction (.pdf)  (Rus.)

 Flyer (.pdf)  

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Vladimir Gurevich "Power Supply Devices and Systems of Relay Protection"CRC Press  (Taylor & Francis Group), Boca Raton – New York – London, 2013, 264 p. (Engl.).

Book is kept in  Library of Congress,  German National Library of Science and Technology,    CERN Document Server

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Flyer (.pdf)

               Ed.1., 2014              Ed.2, 2022                            Vladimir Gurevich "Vulnerabilities of Digital Protective relays.  Problems  and  Solutions" - Infra-Engineering,  Moskow, 2014,  256 p.

  Contents   .pdf  (Rus)  
Flyer  .pdf  (Rus)  Presentation .pdf (Rus)
  Introduction by Author  .pdf (Rus)  
  Review  .pdf (Rus)

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 Vladimir Gurevich " Problems  of Standartization in Relay Protection" -  DEAN, S.- Petersburg, 2014, 152 p. (Rus)

 Contents  (.pdf)   Review 1 ( .pdf)    Review 2  (.pdf)   (Rus)
Introduction by Author  (.pdf)  (Rus)
 Flyer  (.pdf)   (Rus)

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 Vladimir Gurevich "Cyber and Electromagnetic Threaths  in Modern Relay  Protection"  - CRC Press   (Taylor & Francis Group), Boca Raton –  New  York – London, 2014,  222 p. (Engl).
 Contents & Preface      
Epilogue  (.pdf)     Downloads
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 Review in journal "Protection, Automation and Control World" (PAC World),  USA

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               1 Ed., 2015                 2 Ed., 2023    Vladimir Gurevich "Protection of Substation Equipment Against of Electromagnetic Pulse" -  Infra-Engineering,  Moskow, 2015, 302 p.   (Rus.).

 Flyer  (.pdf)   (Engl)

 Contents  (.pdf)   (Engl)

 Vladimir Gurevich "Protection of Substation Critical Equipment Against Intentional Electromagnetic  Threats" - Wiley, London, 2016, 240 p. (Engl).

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 Library of Congress     British Library     CERN Document Server

 Contents  (.pdf) 
(Engl)  Flyer  (.pdf)  (Engl)

Book Sales Report 2016 - 2018  

Vladimir Gurevich "Apnea and CPAP: Guidance of the Patient and the Experienced User". 2 ed. - Haifa, 2017, 61 p.

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 Flyer with contents and preface PDF

 Personal experience - key to success!  (Engl.)


Vladimir Gurevich "Protection of Substation Equipment  Against  Electromagnetic  Pulse" -  IEC, 2016, by HEBREW

  Available for free download (PDF, 12 Mb)

         1 Ed., 2018                            2 Ed., 2023                               
Vladimir Gurevich "High Altitude Electromahnetic Pulse and Protection Means for Electrical Equipment". - 
Infra-Engineering,  Moskow, 2018, 516 p.   (Rus.).

Preface (.pdf)  (Rus)

Contents (.pdf)  (Rus)

Annotation (.pdf(Rus)

Flyer  (.pdf)  (Rus).

Reviews (Rus): 123

Vladimir Gurevich "Protecting Electrical Equipment: GOOD Practices for Preventing High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse Impacts" - DeGruyter, Berlin, 2019, 386 p. (Engl).

Library of Congress

Preface (.pdf)
(Engl)   Contents (.pdf) (Engl)   Annotation (.pdf) (Engl)

Flyer (.pdf) 

Comments:  1 , 2

Vladimir Gurevich "Protecting Electrical Equipment: NEW Practices for Preventing High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse Impacts" - DeGruyter, Berlin, 2021, 204 p. (Engl).

Annotation, Preface and Contents (.pdf) (Engl.)

Flyer (.pdf) (Engl.)

Vladimir Gurevich "EMP Protection of Critical Civilian Infrastructure: Problems and Solutions" - Lambert Academic Publishing, 2024, 209 p. (Engl.)

Preface (,pdf)
(Engl.)     Contents (.pdf) (Engl.)

Flyer (.pdf) 

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