They are my followers who have continued and developed the scientific direction founded by me: "High-Voltage Interfaces with Reed Switches and its Applications in Techniks":

Dr. Vasilliy V. Krivtsov, Corporate Director of Reliability& Safety Analytics of the Ford Motor Company, coordinator of  Global  Data, Insight & Analytics Department  (GDIA) in Dearborn (USA), Aachen (Germany), Sao Paulo (Brazil) and Melbourne (Australia).
Dr. Vasilliy V. Krivtsov is also a Professor of Reliability Engineering  at University of Maryland

Ph. D. Dissertation: "Parameter Correction Methods of Magnetically Controlled High-Voltage Interface Devices", 1991, National Technical University "Kharkov Polytechnical Institute", Kharkov, Urhaine.

Dr. Ivan G. Beregnuk, Director of Scientific Research Institute of Customs, Kiev, Ukraine.
At  2015 - Head of Hmelnitsky customs office, Ukraine  

Ph. D. Dissertation: "Applications the Interfaces Based on Reed Switches in Electrifications of Agriculture Production", 1991, Kharkov National Technical and Agricultural University, Kharkov, Ukraine.