The Problems Not Solved Up To Now  With Microprocessor Based Protective Devices (MPD) Application

1. Backup of MPD
Whether backup is necessary? If yes, for which  kind of protection and by what kind of the relay such backup should be carried out (by microprocessor based or by electromechanical)? What should be kind of backup?

2. Replacement Spare Parts (RSP)
What should be an optimum for RSP? What technique of its calculation for MPD of different  kinds? As well as where it to store? How to provide fast MPD recovery, especially on unattended substantions?

 3. Number of the Functions in Single MPD
What should be optimal functions concentration  in single MPD at which the fault of the single element can lead to failure at once all functions of relaying incorporated in the MPD?

4. The Human Factor
How to determine the  "human factor" affect on reliability of the relaying, sharply increased at transition from electromechanical protection - to microprocessor? What it is necessary to make for decrease of this affect?

5. Technical And Economic Effect
What technical and economic effect (for MPD's user, but not for the manufacturer) for replacement of electromechanical relays with MPD and whether is it in general, or this transition is unprofitable? Whether  for all kinds of protection and for all voltage levels such replacement is expedient? Whether expediently to replace electromechanical protection with microprocessor based on the old substantions which have been not accommodated for maintenance of microelectronics?

6. Tests of MPD
How correctly and most efficiently to test MPD? In what volume and with what periodicity? How to calibrate the test equipment applied to MPD testing?

7. Reliability (Damageability) of MPD
How correctly to consider reliability (damageability) of MPD: by number of misoperations of relaying or by total of revealed faults in MPD hardware and the revealed errors in software (even if these faults and errors was discovered before relaying misoperations)?

8. Criterions of Electromagnetic Compatibility
What should be technical requirements and parameters of substantion for maintenance of reliable work of MPD by criterion of electromagnetic compatibility? By what technique and how really to increase serviceability of substantion for reliable MPD maintenance?

9. Service Conditions for MPD
What should be an optimum temperature regime at MPD maintenance ? When it is necessary to use an air conditioning in a relay hall and when it is enough only ventilation in the relay cabinets? Whether it is necessary to use in the relay cabinets with MPD heating of air for prevention of fall of dew?

10. A Problem of Remote Intentional Electromagnetic Affecting on MPD and Hackers Attacks
How to prevent or, even, to mitigate remote intentional electromagnetic affecting (military, terroristic or criminal character) and hackers attacks on MPD with the purpose of disturbances and misoperations in relay protection?

11. Requirements To a Design, Parameters and Software
What should be optimal MPD design  and its optimal software? Who should formulate requirements to a hardware and software and how to force manufacturers to accept these requirements?

12. Universality and Iterchangeability
Whether it is possible to reach universality and iterchangeability of separate MPD's modules as it occurs now with personal computers? How to achieve creation of the market of universal modules for MPD and what for this purpose are necessary conditions?

13. The Tender
How correctly to perform tenders for purchase MPD? How to revise the tender documentation and MPD? How to provide the maximal  MPD quality and how to choose the best device at a stage of the tender?